Yehuda Oratz – A Skilled Graphic Designer

As a branding specialist, concept strategist and graphic designer in Lakewood, New Jersey, Yehuda Oratz specializes in consistently delivering design solutions to established businesses and startups. Upon graduating from Bloomfield College, he earned his diploma in Graphic Design.

Yehuda Oratz

His artwork explores and experiments with science, and he strives to find new ways to perceive and portray the mundane. All creative minds should be inspired by him.

The creative talents of Yehuda Oratz Lakewood are evident in his ability to see the world with a distinctive vision and an eye for style. His work is concept-driven, he participates in the design community, and he has a demonstrated commitment to his clients. His main priority is to make a positive impact, as demonstrated by his energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Yehuda’s passion is evident in everything he does.

Yehuda Oratz stands out from the crowd due to his distinct sense of style as well as his strong vision. His concept-driven work, dedication to his clients, and involvement in the design community make him an easy colleague to work with. He strives to make a positive impact on the world through his energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration.

With a strong emphasis on typography and geometric, simple shapes, his design projects are always inspiring. The award-winning portfolio he has accumulated, which has attracted the attention of numerous brands and award panels, is a testament to his vivid imagination, inspired by daydreams, travel, and an obsession with color.

Early Beginnings

The young designer Yehuda Oratz started studying graphic design without fully understanding what it entails. He learned Photoshop and Illustrator by following online tutorials.

Later, as a freelance graphic designer, he started creating logos, posters, flyers, banners, etc.

Yehuda Oratz’s Approach to Design

The goal of Yehuda Oratz is to approach design from an honest perspective. In branding a product, you should emphasize all the reasons people might buy it (e.g. useful, ergonomic, culturally rich, beautiful, etc.) instead of creating an illusion that it fills a role it does not. Lifestyle brands oversaturate the market with extravagant objects. Our job is to communicate important ideas that are specific to each project if we do our job well.

Artistic Inspiration

A lot of Yehuda’s inspiration comes from things around him, such as his surroundings, his music, his walks, and his pictures. Additionally, he will be able to better understand the customer’s needs with a detailed brief. Documenting the field is the first step, which is important from a cultural standpoint. By working with different types of industries, he learns a lot. Using his tablet and pencil, Yehuda Oratz Lakewood creates hand-drawn proofs as soon as the research is complete. When he has selected a few projects that stand out, he begins to work in Illustrator. You can learn more about his work by checking his videos on Youtube.

What Makes Yehuda Oratz Stand Out from Other Designers?

Each designer has this own style. He believes that what makes him different from other designers is his tendency to always incorporate a little bit of his personality into everything he does, whether it’s a logo, a character, or anything else.